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  • market_ace market_ace Aug 16, 2012 7:03 PM Flag

    Repost: Summary of 8/15 Wedbush Conf pres

    Reposting this and my followup of the answer to a comment on Operable BCC. Apologies in advance for redundancy if you read it the first time ...
    A fairly straightforward presentation today, but well worth it if you've listened to others that Dan P has done. Here's what I captured, both factually and between the lines:

    -- CUDC-101 Oral Form - early in the presentation it was "expect to file IND in Q3", later "intend to file in Q3". Throughout Dan used different verbs concerning the oral form than he did during the last earnings call. Last time it was "are developing", "working on...", but I got the distinct feeling that this is finalized, and that they will file an IND within 6 weeks (EO 3Q). This is huge news - Oral 101 is the future of the company.

    -- 907 IND he stated "hopefully the beginning of Q4". Encouraging.

    -- "Pancreatic Carcinoma" was prominently listed at the top of the Ligand-Driven chart. Don't know if that has changed from old presentations (didn't look familiar) - I will research unless one of you info hounds beats me to it.

    -- Dan took a new angle on the NCI/Ligand chart, saying the key is to "discover how to block Hedgehog" in these overexpressed cancers. A nod towards SU2C pre-treatment E approach?

    -- E royalties go to "high single digit" WELL BEFORE $1B mark.

    -- Debio royalties won't kick in until 5th patient of P2, which is 2H 2013 estimate. Ugh. This process really has been slow as mud.

    -- Head/Neck results expected by EOY in the 12-22 patient test.

    good luck -

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    • Debio royalties won't kick in until 5th patient of P2, which is 2H 2013 estimate. Ugh. This process really has been slow as mud." i agree, "ugh". Debio, of which i know little, almost seems like a bottom-tier pharm. i don't recall the history -- was a mistake made here?

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      • Looking back at what CRIS did here with their HSP90 compound, I'd have to say it was absolutely the RIGHT decision to offload the trial costs to a third party pharma in exchange for milestones and royalties. This has allowed them to put focus on 101 and 907 over the last couple of years, which appear to be good decisions. They did not need an extra drug to burn up cash in the pre-E approval days.

        That being said, it may have been that Debio offered the best "free agent deal" money out there at the time, in what was at that point a fairly crowded field for HSP90 drugs (but since then, has narrowed considerably). Sometimes you just have to take the best $ offered, and I suspect that's what they did.

        All of that being said, Debio is clearly no Roche. Their pace has been brutally slow.

        good luck -

    • Regarding Operable -- Dan mentioned on the call yesterday that the ongoing P2 are being done in preparation for a P3 trial in 2013, so don't expect any early approvals there.

      The key issue is 'proving to dermatologists that the benefits of E outweigh the Adverse Events that occur'. This one will take some time ... 2015?

      good luck -

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