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  • bentbasin bentbasin Aug 22, 2012 4:09 AM Flag

    Digging into archives

    From 2/04 interview....

    TWST: Do you feel that your company is fairly well understood
    in the financial markets?
    Mr. Passeri: Our company has been in transition, and I think
    it has been viewed historically as an early stage pre-clinical company.
    We have, I believe, through the external partnerships and the progress
    we’ve made on our internal programs, positioned ourselves well to
    take it to the next level. I think that the story has been articulated well;
    it just needs to be reiterated and communicated consistently and, as
    you know, in this business, proof is in the pudding; so it’s really all
    about execution. I think we will receive more of a positive profile
    when these programs get into the clinic and when we have a portfolio
    of assets that are working their way through clinical trials.
    TWST: How active are you in getting your message out
    to shareholders and potential shareholders?
    Mr. Passeri: I think the first year and a half that I was the
    President and CEO, I spent most of my time refining the plan and executing
    on that plan, and simply did not have the bandwidth to spend
    a significant amount of time networking with fund managers. Now that we’ve executed on the initial stages of that overall development
    plan, we will invest far more time on that endeavor. I do believe that
    the awareness of Curis has been increasing. We received significant
    positive feedback on the logic of the business model and the attractiveness
    of our multiple partnerships and programs.
    TWST: What are the key messages you would wish to
    convey to investors?
    Mr. Passeri: I think the primary message to differentiate
    Curis from a lot of the other biotechnology companies is the fact that
    we have a broad portfolio of assets based on multiple different technologies
    rather than a one-trick pony with one program being pushed
    through to the clinic. We believe that we have taken a pragmatic approach
    to creating a stable foundation through our corporate partnerships.
    I think the partnerships themselves speak volumes for the
    quality of the underlying science and validate the approach that
    we’re using to develop drug candidates. That approach, we believe,
    provides shareholders with more risk mitigation and risk management,
    while on the flip side, provides substantial upside not just
    through the partnership revenue but also in our retained programs.
    TWST: Thank you.
    President & CEO
    Curis, Inc.

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    • First, I am not one of the bashing shorts. I had my Curis for some time. I sold it all about a week ago thinking the value would decay and I could buy back in at a lower price. I am not sure what to believe anymore. I don't see a short-term appreciation. I keep asking myself; How could a management team be smart enough to lead such a complex development process and dumb enough to dump their shares if they believed a major jump in price was on the way. I think Curis has much potential but I think its at least 18 - 24 months out.

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