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  • pwstan pwstan Aug 23, 2012 7:37 PM Flag

    Hey DD, Meg

    Why is it that when I post my first message about a certain someone that berates, insults, demeans and slanders the management at Curis, that person gets to keep on posting. I post one message that questions that persons right to post and my message (it was there for a little while) gets yanked. And my message was nice as opposed to ASG's (bet you can figure that one out).

    What a really, really stupid board. Moderators that are evenl handed? Don't think so. Sorry, I know you both like it, but the hypocrisy is mind boggling.


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    • Pat, it's the admin...."bth" (alias the idiot who cannot string a coherent sentence together over here) immediately reports you over there if you don't adhere to the letter to their policies. Just put in something regarding cris. It's not dd or I who are deleting posts. We may have to find a more friendly environment where we actually do have control. He's just a jerk, a one-track, boring poster. So, you can ignore him over there as well. Cheers :)

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