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  • docihi docihi Sep 4, 2012 11:15 AM Flag

    i have written about this at least 20 times

    i have laid out the gem/abraxane, gem/vis, gem/abraxane/vis (triple) studies, and that the estimated primary completion dates for the gem/abraxane (phase iii) and the triple (phase ii) are both 12/12. i have pointed out that dr. von hoff hasn't mentioned the triple su2c study since 2010, but has repeatedly reported on his gem/abraxane study, including his latest su2c video talking about the phase ii results from the gem/abraxane study which showed 48% first year (now changed to 50%) and good two year survival and up to 2 and 4 years. i have stated that he probably quit talking about the triple trial because of restrictions placed by gen/roche. in addition, kimmel is still for the triple trial.

    i expect dr von hoff will again talk about the gem/abraxane phii results and add some phase iii data to his su2c presesntation on the 9/7 tv show. he may also mention other promising pancreatic trials. in my opinion, he will not mention anything about the triple trial at su2c show unless gen/roche wants him to. i have also said that, from a scientific standpoint the triple combination makes sense and that both trials are von hoff trials. when the triple phii data are released they may showed better results that the gem/abraxane phii results, or not.

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