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  • pwstan pwstan Sep 7, 2012 4:22 PM Flag

    Thinking it's time to hang it up with this stock

    Heard too many, "it's gotta go up" chants. Heard too many "how long can this thing stay down" chants. Heard too many (and believe me I've done this hearing first hand way too many times) "Dan was off his game today, Dan wasn't into it, Dan needed more coffee, Dan's a doctor, not a speaker" and on and on, ad-nauseum.

    I've been here since the CBMI days, a really long time so I have a lot of history. There's a few of you that can recall handles like (on the good side) olhardhead, eurosurgeon, dutchtrader2003, lamberts_lunatics, dennis_clauder, hscberry, tarheelpwg (still here), arkwampus_cat, Gwen (here very occasionally), BugsyFF, auraerej, and many others. Then there were the not so good like, T1fear, latrdaze, ezdone, diamondjr, capoman, glen_gold, john_washington and the current crew. Been in and out a bunch on short sprees, but the one thing that is indisputable is that someone(s), something(s) is/are holding this stock back from being successful and it's been going on for a really, really, long time. The one thing that I can think of that's been consistent through it all is the management.

    I think I just need to get away from it for a good long time. Can't think of a stock I've owned that's been more depressing and unfulfilled to me. Believe me, I'm not siding with our current long term board nemesis's because he/she/they are simply moronic, but I do believe some new and more business experienced management would be helpful. Was hoping for a buyout, but I don't see it coming.


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    • Pat I know I am responsible for many of those rah, rah chants with this company and I have been in it since 2004 when they signed with Wyeth. While it has been frustrating with this stock, especially when you watch others with less potential explode on less, you can't give up now. We have an approved drug that just hit the market just 7 months ago. It came after only a phase 2 test and it will take time for royalties to start rolling in but with Roche marketing it and with our burn rate less than $25 million/yr, it won't take much in the way of sales for the royalties on this one indication to make us profitable.

      The potential is still there, probably more so than at any time in its history. What I recommend you do instead of getting out of the stock is getting away from the message boards and the day to day price movements. That is what tends to drive us crazy is the short term drops and swings without any fundamental reason for it. Hang in there and good luck.

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    • i know you're discouraged, but your post may be a buy signal. good luck.

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