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  • angiella22 angiella22 Sep 10, 2012 9:46 AM Flag

    most people from this board,

    especially the science ones, went to google because of all the garbage that gets posted over here.

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    • I agree with you and would like to go over to the google board. Could you please tell me how to get to that board and then get to CRIS? Thanks!

    • sorry to check clinical trials . gov for competition for cris pipeline drugs - for example, what genentech is doing for head and neck, THEN googling the two drugs that they have in their clinical trial for h&n, so that i can get an idea of what is the difference between their approach and genentech's. it is especially interesting because genentech is cris's partner for vis, and this MAY, depending on respective results, rule out genentech as a partner for cudc in the future. now that's what i call good information. guess you like to invest blindly. i guess you like to throw darts. i guess you don't like objectivity. and please point to another instance of science "garbage" that got posted here and i will check to see if i, or someone else, used google - because, as we all know, everyone knows the details of every drug and doesn't have to use google. keep your head in the sand. oh, and i own cris.

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      • one more thing. if you don't like the garbage here, move to the google board. google finance, cris, discussion at bottom right. there, mixed within the pom poms, you might find about 20 of my detailed garbage science posts regarding why i think cris's pancreatic comb should be superior to all other gem-centric treatments for pancreatic cancer. in addition, you haven't been following my garbage on this board detailing real science that most can't understand even with google, but makes cases for cris's technology.

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