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  • docihi docihi Sep 24, 2012 12:55 PM Flag


    the drug has been approved for bcc. the smart investors, institutions, etc, etc, who are aware of the company think this is a $4 stock. it's as simple as that. the market doesn't jump at biotechs with lackluster sales and a phase ii that is ongoing and that is impossible to compare with another treatment that has completed a phase ii, (anymore) for example. not to mention the promising early phase candidates. dr. von hoff has stated that the phase ii still has patients going at 2+ years. people on these boards are not smarter than the smart money. however, the smart money is not always right. one thing is absolutely smart - don't fall in love with a company - it leads to diminished objectivity.

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    • Docihi..correct when you say dont fall in love with a stock...diminishes objectivity...
      also dont fall in love with your opinion.. you keep saying the same thing like its truth.
      When you speak of smart money.. does that include the Buyer of 800,000 shares of CRIS on September 5, at this price... dont think their smart money agrees with your dire predictions of $4

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      • this and i am done. please name one person on these cris boards who even dares to post anything other cheerleading. "you keep saying..." leads me to believe you are familiar with my posts on the old yahoo board. if so, you should remember that i have explained things, in detail, like very few have - the ongoing pancreatic trials, for example. the comment above regarding von hoff and the phii has been the subject of many of my posts, not stuff i made up, and i have used it to express my opinion that, in the end, the addition of vis should provide superior results. as previously stated, i own the stock, have never attacked management, and have shown optimism in almost all of my posts. the thing that really gets me is when someone posts over and over for months that this should be and $8-$12 stock (and i respect the guy). this is irresponsible and if you don't agree with stuff like it, why don't you speak up?

    • I've always loved that phrase 'smart money.' Smart, until it's not. Take your average hedge fund this yr. for example: trailing the S&P by what? 10-11%? Not very smart. Except in their own eyes, and when they're chasing. It's a useless phrase, a tool for manipulators and a rear-view mirror.

    • Ok............................................................... Maybe the know facts you restated are why many consider this a long term investment? Just a thought........

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    • Trying to buy back in low again, docihi???

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