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  • docihi docihi Nov 14, 2012 4:58 PM Flag

    i keep rooting for eriv, or whatever, over on the google board

    as he is the only one being objective over there. he provides good news and is thanked. then is again lectured for saying things multiple times, just as the pumpers do every day, week, month, year - they keep saying the same stuff over and over and over again. $8 yet? oh- i forgot that i own quite a few shares, but am not afraid of the truth - no matter how many times it is said.

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    • It's been a few years since I've posted on this board. What ever happened to Gwen and her/his aliases? I'm still very long CRIS, and I still very much believe in their science. That being said, this chat board is an investors forum. The fact is that this company is being poorly managed. Passeri, Gray, and the Board of Directors have failed their obligations to the shareholders. It's Catch 22; they chose to make this company public and therefore have an obligation to shareholders, but the amazing science underlying the opportunity is being pursued at a snails pace, and with royalty contracts that are pathetic. The comments from Stifel Nicolaus are very telling, "firm forecasts a steady, but somewhat lackluster launch trajectory for Erivedge, given the underwhelming adoption so far; CRIS' low royalty rate on Erivedge limits upside on blockbuster success".
      I guess I shouldn't be terribly surprised. This company is, after all, one that the executives and board of directors don't find compelling enough to purchase for their own accounts.

    • docichi,
      Yes, he is right most of the time but he also over simplifies quite a bit so you can't take everything at face value.

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