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  • docihi docihi Dec 3, 2012 8:36 PM Flag

    how many people

    listened to the crap on this board for months and months and months and months...... there is no downside risk to owning this stock? there were so many dissertations on why there was no downside risk to owning this stock. how many months and months and months and months did i contend, that although i owned the stock, this was just subjective happy talk - that owning any biotech is risky. how many times did i get hammered for daring to not talk happy? how many people on this board bought into the happy talk and repeated it and even made up their own subjective happy talk? how many of you having been selling, selling, selling? now this is not to pat myself on the back, but if you are not experienced in biotech investing, please don't listen to the crap that comes from people who are either ignorant - or what. on the other hand, keep on posting great stuff bigL.

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    • forgot to mention that the above opinion is not meant for anyone currently posting on this board. i was commenting on issues expressed by posters who have since moved to the google board.

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      • I agree with you docihi yes.. i was one who was mesmerized at the 5+ level..
        lulled into "dont worry" everything is alright.. as we went from 5 to 4 to 3 ..
        I must admit i was taken by CRIS ability to get FDA approval.. and med does work..
        my wife uses it. I know its efficacy.. yet.. the future of stock is based on the pipeline,
        which "never, to date" has materialized .. so i am a holder.. bought some more at this price,
        and as all holders.. see the selling.. and what appears to be the "open baskets" grabbing up as much stock at these prices for the move.. which I can only "hope" starts after the 1st of year.

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    • I for one am so happy to see u lose all your money doicchi

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