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  • pwstan pwstan Jan 16, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    Yo, docihi

    You're a very pragmatic and unbiased evaluator of bio-tech talent, imo. What do you think of the management of Curis? I've owned this stock for way too many years, only to see it's stock value barely budge. The promise is great, but the company seems to always misfire.

    I have to admit that I'm now in the camp of the management naysayers. They (management, BOD) take huge salaries for themselves, don't respond to investor inquiries (mine and others) and seemingly flaunt their position by giving themselves large option positions and cashing them in, yet deliver little to nothing in terms of shareholder value (that is part of the publicly held stock commitment that management is supposed to deliver on, no?).

    Hard for me to fess up, but John Washington, Erivedge and some other seemingly negative posters that I've pooh-poohed in the past, seem to be correct. Mea Culpa! Management in this company is not investor-centric!

    What say you? A penny for your thoughts.


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