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  • mrbigs Nov 7, 2013 8:39 AM Flag

    Agree with RBC Capital.

    Wish I had cash to buy at this price.

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    • Well I had some cash to buy, and I have done so. To put some weight to my opinion however let me point out that Curis is now over 50 percent off of its high that it was poised at only a matter of weeks ago. Does anybody really believe that the intrinsic value of this company has declined by that much due to one phase 1 trial not being rejected, but placed on hold?? That's preposterous. It's especially so considering that this company has several trials in the works. The most pertinent of the FIVE drugs in its pipeline will be the phase 2 results of erivedge on operable BCC, which will be revealed early in 2014. I am optimistic about these results in the same way that I stated I was optimistic about the EU results on here earlier this year. I took some flack for stating that CRIS was going to be at 5 dollars before long. I still stand by that. It got up to $4.50 post EU approval. I believe that the operable BCC results will be positive and that this death in the phase 1 trial will be shown to be unrelated to CUDC-427. Did it dawn on any of the people who yanked their money out of CRIS as they panicked that the one person who died was not only 1 month removed from treatment when they did but had stage 4 breast cancer which had metastasized to the lungs, bone, ovaries AND liver?? Or did these people not even bother to read this far? So, in other words, CUDC-427 simply did not save this advanced cancer patient. On the surface there certainly seems to be no reason to believe that CUDC-427 in any way caused or even contributed to this one person's liver failure as opposed to the failure being a direct result of the highly metastasized cancer that had spread to and beyond her liver.

    • The fact that you don't have cash shows how much weight your opinion has. That would be none.

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