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  • ericjrobertson ericjrobertson Mar 13, 2008 11:20 PM Flag

    is it time to double down?


    i bought in at 17. i am looking to double down... i am thinking of putting in a limit order in at $12.90. Anyone think i am too early on this? i am sticking with this stock and not just because my name is E.J., haha. I appreciate the advice. Peace.

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    • Hey, remember me from the RIO message board? Seems like you and I hunt the same kind of stocks.
      Just discovered e-house a few days ago, and liking it.

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      • yes i do. hows your investing goin? my chinese stocks have been falling rapidly with the FXI (this one especially), but everything else has been doin well... that's why i said not to have too much China exposure. but i think a good buying time is approaching... China is way oversold right now despite what many people on this message board will tell you. i am not saying it won't go down further but in time it will be up significantly (EJ included). good to hear from you. i would wait for a 4-5 day period of flat to positive growth in this stock before adding to it... or if you don't want to wait just put a quarter position on now... i am glad i did (1/4 at $17.25, and looking to add)... good luck to you.

      • Yeah I was a RIO beneficiary as well, good year over there in Brasil. I got in on EJ on monday as well as XIN for 1000 shares a piece. I love to buy stocks when all the news is beating them down, and both stocks look like they've been beaten down nicely.
        As far as a double down, usually I wait till a sustained double bottom is formed. I like to see a stock test a bottom and bounce from it. We still may have a few months for this to happen, the US needs to Prove stability before emerging markets move back up. Emerging markets are too much like tech, fear drives investors away, even if the fundamentals have not changed.
        EJ and XIN both have Peg ratios below .35, as soon as the negative media sentiment in Asia resides, value & growth investors alike will be jumping on this sleeping dragon.

    • People linking housing stocks in U.S. to EJ's stock price issues? Alice in Wonderland here. That's so absurd. Anythings possible these days. Long term great investment. It's a real estate services firm. Commissions buying and selling in China for god's sake.

      Am I missing anything? I'm either an idiot or some what smart. You don't have to be a genius to figure out that this is a good investment. Time will tell which one it is. I've lost some money here but I'm standing pat. I wish I could buy more.

    • This has now become a housing stock, just like the US housing stocks........stay away......

    • You got a good price at $17. Just be a little patient. Just take a look at the key statistics for the company. The growth potential of this company is as good as you are going to see. With a P/E ratio of $27.55 it is a bargin. You normally see a P/E ratio with a company with this kind of growth potential well over 50. This stock will be back over $20.00 in less than 2 weeks. You like to see a company's growth to double that of the over all economy of the country plus inflation. That is a good indication the company is enjoying strong growth. The growth numbers on this company is ridiculous. China can be a scary place to invest, but as long as you stick with companies that provide infrastructure for a country experiencing growth like China, you can do well. My opinion of course.

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      • news tonight out of China:

        China's urban fixed-asset investment up 24.3% in Jan to Feb
        By Chris Oliver
        Last update: 11:43 p.m. EDT March 13, 2008

        HONG KONG (MarketWatch) -- China's investment in factories and land continued at a torrid pace in the first two months of the year, with few signs of a slowdown despite the worst snow storms in half a century hitting key industrial regions, government data showed Friday. Investment into fixed assets in urban areas, including land, climbed 24.3% to 812.1 billion yuan ($115 billion) in the January and February period, accelerating from a 19.6% rise in December, the National Bureau of Statistics said. The figures were roughly in line with a 25.8% increase in urban fixed-asset investment in all of 2007, and slightly quicker than the 23.4% expansion in the same two-month period last year. The statistics bureau said investment in the real estate sector climbed 32.9% to 237.4 billion yuan. Fixed-asset investments to the coal sector jumped 31.1% to 5.3 billion yuan, while nonferrous metals investment rpse 68% to 8.9 billion yuan and spending in minerals development climbed 61.2% to 17.9 billion yuan.

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