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  • lloydvon2003 lloydvon2003 Jul 3, 2008 12:56 PM Flag


    How does a company with the fundamentals and growth that EJ has continue to suck with it's share price. This company has 75% growth from last year. 30% or better is considered good. Well, we've now broken support and who knows where the bottom is. It's hard to say when it will be a good buying opportunity. It's hard to have patience when your losing money. IBD say's cut your losses when a stock loses 8% from buy point. I didn't listen. Now I'm in it for the long haul. This sucks.

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      This PR is so contradictory that it is "unbelievable" as well. Although sales volume and sale prices are less than last year's, the company says it will still meet its revenue and growth targets.

      About the only part I can believe is the warnings in the last paragraph.

      Disclosure: Holding 1000 shares @ 13.38 average

    • I don't think what is happening is rational. Nervous sellers are causing the continuous slide. Over the course of a year, the lowest the stock has been is 12.97 in 8/07 and 10.76 in 3/08. Anyone who bought at these prices has no reason to sell since the current price is not far from their purchase price. If you bought in the 20's or 30's, why sell now and cause the slide to deepen. My thinking is most of the sellers are out and the tables should turn up. But what do I know.

    • 上海楼市明显“拐弯” 降价或成为唯一突破口










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      • you may read Chinese, but you don't have enough brain to analyze and value stocks.

        if you know anything about the real estate market in China, you should have used the situations in Shenzhen for your scare tactic!

        EJ is merely headquarted in Shanghai, but doing business nationwide in China!

        Real estate is LOCAL, yet you are using the method analyzing real estate in Allen Town, PA to analyze real estate demand/supply in NYC! That's idiotic at best!

        Average, even affluent consumers in Shanghai & Beijing have looooooooooooooooooooong been priced OUT OF the market, just like NYC.

        even with the little speculative bubble burst in Shanghai and Beijing, it's mostly on the highend, and average citizens there are merely dreaming if they think prices would come down to the level they can afford.

        More importantly, it only shows you have NO idea as to how affluent Chinese are and their buying power.

        EJ as stock, is no US builder stocks. The economics and dynamics are different. China/Shanghai housing market is NO US housing market, any shape or form.

        Slow down, may be, but that doesn't make EJ worth less than $10.

        anyone with a brain knows EJ was shorted down to this level, if you are idiot enough to want to continue to short (like today!), that's fine, but don't pretend you know anything about real estate in China.

      • Interesting

    • I also feel trapped here. Supposedly, the company is solid and the terrible slide in the stock price is attributable in part to manipulation, but that doesn't make the losses any easier to bear. I'm sorry I didn't jump ship long ago, but in this bear market, cutting your losses at 8% would not leave you with many holdings. Maybe that's a good thing.

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