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  • dont_buy dont_buy Oct 28, 2009 4:04 PM Flag

    The Worst is Yet to Come!

    Please watch and learn and, above all, don't be disappointed. Hopefully, many of you have taken your well deserved profits by now. I just took my last 1000 shares off the table today, as it could be a long way down.

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    • China Strategy investment publication, by Robert Hsu, says the CRIC spinoff was a great success and that EJ's 50.4% controlling ownership of the 1 billion value of CRIC, represents 65% of EJ's market value, and that the high value of EJ's stake in CRIC will help support EJ's share price. He continues to remain bullish on EJ and has a buy rating up to $22 per share on EJ - per article dated 10-22-09.

    • Why in H are you saying deduct the $12.00 per share.
      EJ retained 50% ownership in CRIC, which flows up to EJ.

      T'ao Jeng

    • EJ should dive, dive, dive down even more!!!!:)

    • Please do tell. lets see they have 194,000,000 in the bank, no debt, 875,000,000 by way of a 51% stake in CRIC and are about to announce another profitable quarter with year over year gains of in excess of 100%, they see continued strength in the booming middle class of China and will make 80,000,000 in profits this fiscal year. So they are trading at an actual PE of 3, thats right 3 when you subtract all the cash and stock they own. Now, why would a company growing in excess of 40% for the forseeable future trade at a multiple of 3? Well, either this company is making everything up, or its the best entry point I have ever seen. Please explain why you think this is going much, much lower. Instead of telling us to watch and learn, why don't YOU teach us o wise one.

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      • c280,

        If you know anything about technicals, the MFI of 9.9 could be one of the lowest readings I have seen in all my years, especially for a supposdedly reputable and profitable company such as E House. Now, if there is something below board happening here, we're in a whole nother ball game. The selling is beyond anything I could have imagined. For those who are not technical followers, a a buy rating usually kicks in when the MFI (money flow) drops to 30 or below. 9.9 means this is a SCREAMING buy.....barring any fraud, ie.

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