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  • CJL72 CJL72 Jun 7, 2010 3:01 PM Flag

    ADLS....might be play from here

    Some Rounding for Display of numbers.....

    Share Price '05:5.71 - 6.00
    '09:1.71@35M Shares Traded.....
    Then the dive started to the present price.....

    Development Stage Since 1999:Price Input:.0745

    Sales:5.756M,(135.42)M,(2352.674%)%toSales,(1.35/Share)[100.37M Shares]

    PRICE TO BOOK: (0.97)
    PRICE TO SALES: 1."2"99_128_678,[ie:2]
    PRICE TO Liquidity: (4.75)

    Enterprise Fwd Value / Revenue___PT 15, 0.005PriceTo

    PRICE TO INT EXP: 1.684, 4.44M

    PRICE TO Debt: 0.6, 12.5M

    COST OF FUNDS: 36%

    Return on Assets: (2196%)

    MetricFwd: 0.09,on 83.956M

    Weighted Price and Weighted Price Metric: 0.0700478,1.22

    Notes on 84M:
    There are specific identifiable R&D expenses, CF Activity, Specific Financing Mechanisms, of 227M, that mgmt would most certainly want to convert to SALES going forward.....Inclusive of current MC of 7.478M.....

    The reconcilement is rather difficult to explain, but expense rollfwd + previous 37M to current analysis, would equate to deficit less fwd value.....very,very close.....

    Press Wires:(Inclusive of SEC Filings;Can be ignored)

    Super, Super, Clean Biotech Company, with large scale corporate collaboration agreements.

    1 MXN = 0.07_72 USD

    Recent Trade Range:.11 to .078,Plus or minus 29%

    I like it forward.....very much so.....DHS!!!!!

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    • You can put all the numbers and p/r crap you want in a post. The ONLY thing that can save ADLS from b/k is to find a way to get Restanza approved. That may not even do it, but without approval they have nothing. They cannot raise the needed money for 2 phase III superiority trials and even if they do the results are far from sure.

      The other little bitty thing is they are pushing a drug that has little patent life left and will not by any means be a blockbuster so once they get the 600+ million shares out there won't be much left for the shareholders even with approval and good sales.

      This company is dead money. You would be better off putting your cash under the mattress.