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  • frogfather44 frogfather44 May 26, 2010 5:13 PM Flag

    Some DD on BOREF and CHOMF's Wheel tug

    Facts are no one knows if the whole thing is a scam.
    This will be a bit wordy because I am, and people doing DD may see it.

    Here is the bad news. Chorus Motors
    The company sold a license to an elevator company about 1998 (probably off by a year or two)
    Nada. no income from it.

    They are owned mostly by Borealis Exploration
    They have a complicated structure they mostly own Chorus and the companies involved own wheel tug.
    Who gets paid and how much?
    The legalities involved?
    Chorus motors has announced a raise of cash to go forward on the Wheel tug (Qualified investors etc.)
    Borealis falls under Gibraltar's laws and mostly follow British law but don't have to.
    I wouldn't say I know enough about to comment on it.
    Anybody versed in international law want to have a go at it be my guest.

    There was a reason Borealis moved out of Canada.
    I don't recall what it was but I thought it questionable.
    Borealis has among several other companies Including a mining company which is back in Canada.
    So it's not like they were excommunicated.

    Of all the companies Borealis has.
    Not one has made a dime to date.
    The company is prone to hype.
    That said they are swinging at the fences big time.

    There are so many possible issues you would need a team of international lawyers to figure it out.

    OK possibilities.
    Now assuming Borealis and Chomf are not a scam company(s) they do have Delta airlines onboard who has agreed to install and do the maintenance on all units.
    (Delta is very big in the maintenance field. May airlines use them rather than train mechanics and have the place to work on them.)

    Delta signing up has me convinced the product is not a scam.
    I have talked to a couple aircraft mechanics and they think its a great Idea.
    I found a thread on an airline Message board.
    (They thought it was a great Idea also)

    I also found some grad school plans for a few future airplanes which had it. assuming it is real.

    Oh yeah a do it yourself EV site where somebody, who was well respected on the board, said; Thinking about it gave him a headache, but it seemed like it would work.

    The product seems real and seems like a winner.
    They have said the product for a particular model will be available this summer.
    That does not mean FAA certified.
    It means one built.
    Yes they made the wheel tug video but those would not fit in the hub of the aircraft.
    There were other issues as well.

    The raise is for larger scale manufacturing.
    Something I read said basically the thing wouldn't be on commercial aircraft until next year 2011. (I read this in late 09 or beginning 10.)
    I don't remember if it was FAA certifying or not.

    The military once convinced has no such restriction.
    The particular books for each model's certification could not be finished until all diagrams etc. are set for each model of plane.

    All in all unless the military comes in I don't expect this to start being installed on commercial aircraft this year, but soon there after.

    Military? Guessing no but could be as soon as they see a few working ones come off the line. (could be part of the raise. I have nothing but guesses here, and a belief they want it.)

    Not sure how stockholders will do but it has some of my 'Mad' money.
    Not the college fund.

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