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  • frogfather44 frogfather44 Aug 22, 2011 5:19 PM Flag

    Vidios of wheel tug. (Subsideary of Borealis) basic info.

    Wheel Tug has an electric motor capable of fitting inside of an airplane front wheel hubs.
    (Nose wheel)
    One will be in each hub (Twins)

    The videos are in order of when they came out.
    The oldest was made in June 2005. This was a proof of concept with the R&D branch of Boeing.
    the scuttle-but was Boeing had an internal dispute the side that won decided that they would lose money because they would sell less engines as there would be less FOD (Foreign Object Damage) and less wear and tear.
    I can't say this is true.
    In this video the motors are not in the wheel hub but in the cart around the wheel.

    The second video is from Nov 2010
    This video gives important information and timeline predictions.
    20 sec in.
    Our final design "will" fit inside the wheel.
    Meaning it does not yet fit inside the wheel.
    Test one motor can move the plane.
    (in case of failure of the other motor.)
    we expect..."in the next year of certification and planning then two to three years for completion and delivery of the wheel tug system...."
    OK is this one year then 2-3 after that? (4 years)
    Or 2-3 years after when the video was made? (3 years)
    As stated I would say 4 years but I'm not sure he meant to say that. Either way it is a best guess.
    Less detail but from Prague news.

    The final video is a basic overview and financial justification as to why airlines (and others likely military) would want it.
    Also operational justification for airports and airlines.
    He also states the final design is called M1 and will be ready in the coming months.
    (Elsewhere I heard by the end of 2011.)

    BTW The military does not need certification and could hurry things along if they decide to do it. They may get budget cuts too.

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