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  • frogfather44 frogfather44 Jul 8, 2013 6:33 PM Flag

    A German article about Wheeltug and Borealis

    Od letadel k nanotranzistorům
    24.6.2013 0:00

    This article is in Euro.
    Google translate has it as.
    From aircraft to nanotranzistorům (Nano transistors I think)
    " "Although certification system is still under way, notably the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), for the Boeing 737NG, already have orders for 573 aircraft from eleven major airlines. Among them are such as KLM, Alitalia, the Israeli airline El-Al and Air Berlin, Lufthansa the second largest German airline, "says Jan Vana, director of WheelTug. Czech Airlines (CSA) among potential customers are not yet a prosaic reasons. WheelTug tested motors for aircraft of type Boeing 737 new generation and those of CSA in their fleet not. "In the group of Czech Aeroholding are Airbus and ATR aircraft," says Michael Lagronová, Corporate Communications Director and Spokesperson of the Czech Aeroholding.

    The core of the system consists of a pair of osmnáctifázových asynchronous electric motors that are installed on the nose gear wheels. The drive wheels on the surface are ideal because despite the small size are capable of tremendous torque. They are in principle applicable to any aircraft, motor size depends only on its mass. Each type must have an approved certification. WheelTug is now focused on the completion of the first. Next will follow and be simpler and cheaper. The company is already negotiating with other aircraft manufacturers, who could use the system. "

    " The development system is involved in approximately fifty engineers, making today the company owns 55 patents related to the project. The main benefits of the technology include fuel economy, emissions, noise, but also costs for engine damage caused by the ingestion of a foreign object."

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      "WheelTug hopes that certification in the United States will be completed by the end of next year, followed by bilateral agreements recognized for other regulatory bodies such as the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), Japanese Civil Aviation Authority (JCAB) and Transport Canada. "

      Oy Vey.
      Hopes for certification by the end of next year (2014)
      Back into the sock drawer.

      The next bit is about other Borealis subsidiaries.

      "From the laboratory to the practice used in practice allow the development of asynchronous motors in nanotechnology and microprocessors in recent years. And the areas of nanotechnology WheelTug wants to focus now. Under the heading Borealis at the University of Michigan has been running a special nanotranzistoru development, which has about 20 to 30 percent more efficient than current products. Although it is a revolutionary technology, everything is just verifies laboratory.

      In the case of nanotechnology, the company according to director John Vanya at the stage where he was WheelTug five years ago. "Since the launch we have maybe two years, maybe five years. This is the reason why Borealis Exploration recently entered the Prague Stock Exchange and why we think that we in the Czech Republic could find a suitable partner for industrial use, "explains director WheelTug. He adds that the company has an internal capacity. Research and development of an air motor was still $ 40 million, which come from the shareholders of the company. Borealis is now looking for someone, inter alia, the Czech Republic, who would be able to bring more of its inventions into practice.

      55 patents relating to asynchronous electric aircraft, owned by Borealis Exploration

      Author Dasha Hyklová

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