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  • frogfather44 frogfather44 Jul 31, 2013 11:16 PM Flag

    The part of Borealis under Avto Metals/Cool Chips/Power Chips

    As I stated a few years ago They (Borealis) is/are prone to hype this sounds like an important announcement.

    While I mostly talk about the WheelTug this is about the part of the company that falls under Avto Metals/Cool Chips/Power Chips.
    From the weekly update on the site:

    "We are arranging the first round of tests on the new structures for the coming week.

    Our University Research Facility has finished the construction of the structures needed to test the Ev for these structures.

    The structures look very good, the build was very successful. We had months of the usual problems associated with such builds.

    The Avto Metal™ devices are now in the hands of our lead in-house researcher and they are off to be tested at another University facility.

    This is the culmination of about 18 years of work for our scientific teams in facilities around the world.

    If the tests show a significant reduction in work function, confirming earlier work that was repeated thousands of times in several laboratories, we will first build additional structures to increase our understanding of the Avto Effect and then proceed to build test PowerChips™. This will be followed by the building sufficient quantities of PowerChips to build probably 100 watt prototype devices, that can be scaled up, to be initially 1000 KW devices and larger. With any luck Power Chips can be a money spinner in probably 30 months, which in this business is tomorrow.

    We would like to thank Dr. Hans J. Walitzki for staying with the project for many years and directing the research for the past few years. Dr. Walitzki's work is much appreciated.

    It is now a question of properly testing the Avto Metal Structures to increase our understanding of the Avto Effect and then to build working, standalone prototype devices.

    We will see if the last two decades of work and millions of dollars have been wasted in the next couple of months. This is show time for many of our technology companies."