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  • fuel_cell_fych fuel_cell_fych Dec 3, 2013 10:19 AM Flag

    Bear Case

    I think the bull case is pretty convincing, but there's also a strong bear case:

    - SYMX's delisting risk over shines the company's fundamental transition from pre-rev to rev-producing
    - company's fundamental transition from pre-rev to rev-producing (ACTUAL PROFITABLE from my calcs) does not reach the street / analysts
    - the strong implications from SYMX mgmt during the last earning calls were not real or do not materialize
    - liquidity risk remains very high, scaring away investors, analysts, etc

    All in all, I think this is an opportunity to 'get in' on a solid company in a solid space. Assuming what was said by mgmt during the last earnings call is realized, the company will be a revenue producing & PROFITABLE company by the next earnings call with a good amount of momentum / potential ahead of it.

    What scares the *@^$ out of me with this one is management's reluctance to get in front of analysts and investors to create excitement, a following and LIQUIDITY. There's a great story here, but no new about it. You don't need to me Elon Musk, but I feel mgmt is running a big risk here of destroying shareholder value by not being better advocates and sellers of their equity. Either they don't understand the value of this or they just don't like this part of their jobs. I think this is strongest bear point one can make.

    Mgmt - pls take note.

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    • One, delisting does not matter...Second, if the are working with GE they can't say anything about anything.
      Agree it is a great potential, but it is in coal and that hurts no matter where you are.

      • 2 Replies to innsbrooklad
      • Delisting does matter as these clowns like most of the others will do a reverse split to avoid the delisting. And once they do a 10 or 20 reverse the shorts will step in and take it in half again within days. The only reason it's holding the 70 cent range is there's not enough air under it to interest serious shorts. Take it via reverse to $7 or $14 and watch the fallout.
        But the morons who run these deals will listen to their "advisors" who will profit from the reverse and do it "to enhance shareholder value".. Expect the announcement very shortly.

      • I think de-listing does matter to the stock price, which is driven by supply and demand. Not the most important thing, however. Also, from what I know, they are working with GE on a single vertical. GE has nothing to do with the ZZ plant, which is the cause for the company's fundamental's to change from pre rev to post rev & profitable. The profitability addresses cash flow and this is what investors want to hear about. It will enhance value a lot.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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