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  • hotmamma600 hotmamma600 Oct 23, 2009 2:08 PM Flag

    Just Bought A Little HE Today!!!!

    Nice divy....just as long as they don't wack it.

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    • Good points. Yes, I think I do "see the end." Just be sure you are seated when the music stops.

    • And that is the problem, HE continues to pay dividends at an attractive, steady, rate every quarter, like the Energizer bunny no matter what rational visionary minds predict. The Market has a mind of its own as today investors are considering if/when/where to invest. Views represent a wide, wide, wild view.

      But I agree with you, just like the fall of GM was observed by many on the inside their machine, Iguru & I say we "see the 'end' ", due to per share dilution and weakening sales, add new government and NGO pushed advanced energy technology the train wreck is going to come precisely as it did for GM.

      HE can not continue to pay forever but it has paid every quarter for a while. That is the problem what is the current risk?

      Does anyone reading this remember the story behind 1974 seat belt interlock law AND ITS QUICK REPEAL? Suffice it to say the Democratic government legislators did something we engineers always found incredibly stupid: engineering by edict. No matter what.

      Until it blows up in their faces. Then they just sweep it under the rug and tell us "Never mind."

      Isn't that nice.

      We are going to get the beginnings of a state wide high energy power grid - between 2 islands. What makes it interesting is they have the land on O'ahu - they just are so bound they find it more palatable to do 'something new' to the middle of the Pacific, lay a high energy power cable with generation on one island to feed the consumers at our State Capital. You will always find HI eager to adapt bleeding edge technology.

      But we often get sold the sizzle before we see the steak.

      Can you believe it could be done much less expensively on O'ahu? Of course! But there is no will among the public there to the stomach the sight of high tension power lines as their ugly skeletons marching across our fair state is a price we have not decided to bare. Period.

      Plus they just doesn't go well with the concept of Aloha.

      That is the crux of the problem, until Murphy's Law strikes as this is a 'bleeding edge' endeavor that HE was made to use by the government.

      My prediction is it will do OK as long as their Golden high tech plans stay on time and within budget - until the switch is thrown.

      Oh, and wouldn't it be nice if O'ahu didn't have a redux of Brazil this week. Oh thats right it did.

    • Sorry Igu, Mac is taking a deserved Island vacation paid by tomorrow's HE dividend.

    • mactrellis: You made the statement that "I had gotten it wrong for 10 months." I have asked you to simply tell me 'where' I have gotten it wrong for 10 months. I am waiting for your response ... tick,tock,tick,tock!

    • I bet with you.

      If they didn't cut the dividend in March when everything was at the worst, it's safe now for good.


    • they will never do away with the dividend period.Side bets welcome

    • according to your standards: right - i don't believe a word of it. by the way; i'm not the 10 month comment poster, but just so you know where i stand - i bought a little under $14 and keep a stop on this at all times. i.e. i'm playing on house money as to value; plus i do get the dividend.

    • Why do I want the dividend cut/eliminated? I would like to own this stock again, but ONLY when it gets its financial house in order. Now, you answer my question! How have I had it wrong for the last 10 months?

    • let me try this one more time. why do you care what they do with the dividend?

    • You say I have "gotten it wrong for 10 months." Will you please tell me just what I have gotten wrong. The point I continue to make is that HE should reduce/eliminate the dividend. Again, tell me what I have "gotten wrong."

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