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  • balduscus balduscus Oct 9, 2008 5:05 PM Flag

    131% Down & 147% Down

    from where mgmt could have sold and where they could have negociated a sale. 18.64. It is getting close to two years when Bernstein said the bar was set and he would be measured by the offer price. Well he has failed miserably and should not be allowed to hide behind the recession. Since he and mgmt took bonuses whenever they sold a partial stake in a acquisition stock and left the remaining underwater shares to rot on their balance sheet, they should likewise have to give up their salaries during these hard times. Otherwise they are just raping the shareholders. If the Board allows them to do this they should be removed and management likewise. Did I mention that they apparently only bought back their A stock at an average price of $35 when they were trying to deter TNL from buying them. Where are the buybacks at these levels.

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    • Balduscus, You have EXCEEDED our wildest dreams and made our day. Just when we thought we had seen the worst possible bearish news, you have found a way to top it....

      NOW...and let everyone be clear....

      BELFB is down well over 100%.....131% to 147%

      Truly these are the "end times" the Bible speaks about.....when reality is even worse than our fears.

      Imagine a stock you purchase at $40 and it goes down 147%... You not only lose your original investment of $10,000 but you lose another $4,700....
      Why those "crooks" on Wall Street must be behind this double dealing.

      If I was you, I'd go to the Bernsteins and demand the other $4,700!

      Knew we could count on you Balduscus..
      Always at the ready with your trusty calculator.

      I'm thinking those guys with the CDOs, default swaps, and the like, must have been using the same math for everyone to have lost so much.

      I guess losing 147% on your investment is like when you are upside down on a mortgage, huh? Splain it pleez Lucy.....

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