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  • thassico thassico Aug 16, 2006 2:10 PM Flag

    back dated Options - anything new ?

    back in May there were rumours of Idexx having participated in the back dated option scams ... Anybody else can confirm this undisclose possibility ?

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    • Were you the one who invented the rumor? News to me, and anyone who's not totally deluded.


    • Thassico:

      Once again your extreme stupidity has inspired me to respond.

      It�s true that IDEXX�s P/E (trailing) is currently @ 35.68. That�s ahead of 70% of the companies in their sector. It is, however, completely understandable considering the exceptional performance record over the past few years, not to mention total market domination. But of course P/E is STILL only one of many indicators with very limited informational value.

      I see Merrill Lynch has IDEXX listed as a 4 (out of 5) star company. When you state that Merrill Lynch downgraded IDEXX (slander?), do you mean to say they WERE at 5 stars? Since the last time I responded to your dribble, the overall analysis consensus has gone from 2.55 to 2.38 (5=strong sell, 1=strong buy, 3= neutral or hold). That means that investors feel BETTER about investing in IDEXX stock. (24 independent researchers providing with only one sell recommendation) By the way, IDEXX currently has one of the highest ranked consensus scores of the Diagnostic Substances Industry @ 100% (info source: e-trade)!

      To your target price of $80 max for year ending �07. Current consensus is ~$96.35 for Dec �06, and ~$107.75 for Dec �08, assuming IDEXX meets current expectation, which is UP from my previous post (as is their performance). You really should do a little research before you post so you don�t look like such a moron.

      As to your question regarding back dated stock options. I don�t believe IDEXX was ever implicated through rumor or otherwise as being involved in this stock scandal. If they were, and someone was actually stupid enough to share information concerning an "undisclosed possibility", that person would go to PRISON!! You stating as fact that IDEXX was implicated IS slander (unless you can prove it in court). I wouldn�t be surprised if IDEXX lawyers were looking for you right now.

      In conclusion�you are STILL the dumbest poster I have seen on any board in a very long time. And you�re not even amusing.

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      • where do you get you concensus price estimates ... in a cracker jack box ?
        You know just like me that this company is good but it is simply overvalued ... Merill Lynch still has a SELL due to valuation and hasn't changed it. By the way target price were at $80 from last time I saw.

        If you work for IDEXX then it is a SEC violation not to disclose this information ...

        p.s.: your insults show how fustrated you are because my posts represents an honest opinion ...


    • No -

      Your attempts to lower the price of this stock is an example of why one should never take these boards seriously.

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