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  • one_world_one_govt one_world_one_govt Nov 13, 2009 11:16 AM Flag

    This forum is dead KGN!!!!

    KGN is my favorite Junior and have owned it for 3 years...The plus on this stock is the company's excellent management who keep stock liquidation to a minimum and adds ounces for minimum cost....Ghana is also a plus...I wouldnt be surprised if this was a $15 Stock in a couple years at the rate they are adding ounces and all the property they hold

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    • I undertand... I am trying to diversify my just trying to make the best decisions now after losing in financials for so long...Is Gold stocks and copper the way to go in your opinion>

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      • I would trust anything that can be physical metals, my thinking is that supply is low with ppl (good/rich investors) buying up metals, so the demand will be high which puts pressure on the miners from top to bottom to find refine and export these metals. I think miners will outperform in my opinion.

      • I don't know that my knowledge or insights will be all that helpful. I don't know anything about copper stocks, or any base metals stocks, for that matter. I know there are probably some great ones, like maybe FCX, but it seems like they are more dependent upon a global recovery actually taking hold than precious metals stocks are.

        I've been going with gold and silver stocks, but so far, I'm not even ahead of where I'd have been if I'd just stuck with a basket of almost anything else, especially tech stocks, measuring from the bottom following the crash.

        I continue to believe that the general market will break down at some point, but that precious metals will represent one of the few ports in the storm, maybe the only one. Right now, I'm like you, holding the mining stocks as opposed to the metals themselves.

        The investment landscape is treacherous, and you don't know who you can trust, certainly not government. There's way too much government-supported manipulation of markets and information for individuals to feel totally confident in their investment decisions.

        All I can say is 'good luck to all who are trying.'

      • I've been watching KGN since I read positive stuff on manangement. I've more than doubled my money on NXG and GSS. I took profit and waited for a pullback which never happened. Of the two I'd buy GSS again. Since silver is lagging gold I've been buying silver miners. HL has no debt and is US mine. is a pure silver play. I've a long list of jr miners i'm doing dd on and not enough cash to buy. IMHO the jr miners will be where to make money.