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  • ntsme2 ntsme2 Jan 16, 2008 6:49 PM Flag

    i live in St Louis

    St. Louis location is a pretty safe area to walk in, but if I won big, I wouldn't flash the cash around. Casino Queen on the other hand is not in the best neighborhood but the parking lot has security.

    I can see why they market it to the party crowd since it is located within walking distance of Lacledes Landing where the younger party crowd frequents. So any weekend will draw some activity from there.

    Regarding the $500 loss limit, that can be a problem for operators in Missouri drawing the high rollers. Aside from that, there are a couple issues between Lumiere and Casino Queen:

    1) Craps players do not like the Queen because they only allow 2X odds behind the pass line where all Missouri Casinos allow 10x odds (the only true even money bet in a casino is odds behind the pass line). I know quite a few people who play craps and will never go to the Queen for that reason.

    2) This may be a push (pun intended), but Illinois has just banned smoking - personally I like that part. With so many patrons of casinos being smokers, Lumiere will draw some people from Casino Queen that want to smoke and Casino will draw some people from Missouri that don't want to smoke.

    3) Locally, there is a real popular version of Blackjack called 21+3 that is not offered at Casino Queen and is offered at Lumiere.

    I've been to Harrah's which is about 1/2 hour from Lumiere since they opened and did notice a slight decline in the crowd there.

    I agree, Lumiere is a nice place - the success of it is still to be determined but the area can support it if they provide an enjoyable time and it looks like they're doing pretty good so far.

    This is not any rant or rave on the stock price, just observations the casino operations.

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    • and ASCA/St Charles has Hotel now.

      The players are going to check out PNK's casino, but the exits from I-70 to HET & ASCA very easy for players to make.

      December was the month that St Louis area had more revenue than KCMO.

      PS: Could we have a comp war at StL???

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