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  • nitesurfa nitesurfa Aug 30, 1999 1:26 PM Flag

    dorfman says buyout but what's he know.


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    • Watched on CSPAN the telecommunications
      conference hosted yesterday in Wash DC and listened to the
      many corporate CEOs, big and small, discuss how to
      better reach rural areas, reduce prices, increase speed,
      share copper and fiber, hindered competition and
      dealings with state bureaucracies, etc. Agree with you on
      the best dancers. WCOM and AT&T were first speakers
      and were strong as were many other big names. Much
      discussion on speed, movement towards the better broadband
      capability, but also the somewhat higher cost. What is clear
      is that the big guys are going to get the smaller
      com fish sooner or later through management ability,
      generous buyouts or wipeouts. You could fell it in their
      ability to discuss the issues in a global text. States
      were cited as impeding competition and services. SOFN
      broadband plus satellite capability is visionary, key asset
      and the future, just a matter of time. Just take a
      look at what GPS has done for us and - satellite use
      in Europe for the Europeans (not to talk about a
      common cellular standard !!!!!!!!). You're right in
      thinking a bigger suitor!

    • Doesn't it stand to reason that the other players
      in the space see the writing on the walls??? I would
      say that Sprint or MCI/Worldcom has a lot to lose if
      they don't get a broadband solution soon. This would
      be a cheap way to get in. IMO

      I have heard
      the Adelphia thing before. It is my understanding
      that this has been a slow dance.....


    • Noted much positive board postings these past two
      weeks with little outside clutter. All are doing an
      excellent job on posting SOFN report findings. CNBC SOFN
      pre-airtime warning, the fact that it did appear, subsequent
      apologies and thanks have made this board excellent
      reading. Best that I stay off on the sidelines as a less
      knowledgeable and give way as many others are quietly doing.
      But thanks to about 6 of you! Thanks twoecho,
      mountain goat, My2cents, highbloodpressure, the y�s and
      the z�s and hodeedol for many accurate inputs and to
      others unintentionally not mentioned.

      Market looks to still go up. The whole sector has moved
      positively. Comparing past well discussed comparisons of HSAC
      to SOFN, comments on CNCX or AOL for that matter;
      institutional % holdings reflect HSAC � 4%, SOFN-31%, CNCX-58%.
      Seems to me institutions don�t find HSAC an attractive
      buy and are voting with their feet. Why would there
      be a HSAC take-over. Comparing current assets to
      liabilities, long term debt, debt to equity, cash, I think
      SOFN is better postured. I think HSAC is a good stock,
      but not as good a holding as SOFN. Also agree with
      you twoecho on forthcoming short squeeze if we have a
      good start next week,

      Good luck all; I�m back
      to my tower position as a quiet heavy SOFN holder.

    • Any positive movement Monday after the last three
      days will have the shorts questioning future solvency
      and covering, adding to the already growing
      momentum...look at charts for the last three days and notice how
      price and volume have increased hand in hand, that is
      the way the big rallies start, not end.

    • or pennant form off the Sept 10 price bar. This
      is a form of consolidation in an uptrend where the
      price bars drift sideways and slightly lower after
      shooting straight up for 2 or 3 days .
      The stock will
      use this period to regain it's strength before moving

    • Adelphia just bought all of Galaxy Cablevision's
      equity. Galaxy cablevision is one of ISPC's largest MSOs.
      So, SOFN is already doing a deal with Adelphia in
      that ISPC already has seven Adelphia (Galaxy) systems
      launched with more in the wings waiting for installation.
      These systems are in Mississippi, Kansas, Missouri and

      As for could be true, but I don't see why
      it would happen. This is why: AT&T, AOL and TCI's
      partnership already line AOL (AT&T actually) up to be a cable
      modem service...with TCI as the carrier, AT&T as the
      backbone and AOL as the provider. With this in mind, I
      don't see why AOL would have an interest in SOFN...but,
      I could be wrong.

    • also. I primarily use the 13 and 50 day moving
      avgs but there's lots of other indicators to look at
      besides moving avg's.
      Short term SOFN is overbought
      on the stochastic but doesn't mean that SOFN will
      definitely fall. I like the way the longer term indicators
      look . The RSI and Momentum Oscillator show that SOFN
      is still in the very early stages of the cycle.
      Cycle's can however be cut short . Another popular
      indicator is the MACD. The Macd looks very good. It's
      trending nicely . I bought SOFN on a positive divergence
      in the Qstick back on Wed. The Q is another
      indicator I find very useful. It was indicating that SOFN
      was lagging behind the Qstick and so I bought when I
      saw SOFN breaking out of a small consolidation
      thinking that perhaps it would correct the divergence and
      that's what happened. Looks like 25 was resistance and
      should now serve as support.

    • just looking at a few more charts...the two
      biggest moving averages the techies look at are the 50
      day and the 200 day, and we actually broke above BOTH
      of them with yesterday's close, and on very strong
      volume. This is very bullish for sofn, so I am very
      positive about our prospects near term. Anybody else? Oh,
      and I am still hoping for news that would make the
      T/A moot, just take us to 40, 50, ok HBP 60+ right
      away and we're all happy.


    • well, we closed in a good position, held 26
      (actually a 5k block after the close at 26 1/4) and broke
      both resistance and the 50 day moving average on 3x
      normal volume. This should really help get (keep?) the
      ball rolling as long as the market doesn't tank, and
      with the friendly jobs and ppi numbers, all we need is
      a non-disastrous cpi to help the overall market

      As far as the message from the rb board, anybody
      have any idea what the mentioned adelphia deal could
      be and what it could do for sofn's price if no
      buyout by any of the other rumored players? Pretty heavy
      call buying the last 3 days of the week, both for
      September and October, along with the increasing volume,
      make it appear as though somebody may know something
      is coming soon. Any ideas for price action this week
      with or without any deals? (obviously a buyout would
      fix price, but where do we go with deal other than a
      buyout or just keeping momentum).

      Looking forward
      to a good week.


    • Its a free site but you have to register.

      Best of Luck


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