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  • bluelivermore bluelivermore Feb 1, 2011 12:45 PM Flag

    New Contract In The Bahamas

    How much will this add to revenue both on the construction side and longterm water/sewer side of the equation? 67% increase in delivered water seems like a big increase. Is it a big increase in actual delivered water/sewer? Or does it just look like big numbers based on a small starting number? The stock did jump last week in the midst of the down draft.

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    • i don't know but the job is important to the nassuvians...i was born in nassau's a little background info'...

      "they've been running 2 barges a day between "blue hole" in andros near fresh creek and most houses have rainwater cisterns....the blue hole is an anomally....scientists have tried to trace it's source for years it ...just pops up on the coast of andros and is the only place where i've gone uphill in a boat...they think it is an aquifer that runs 80 miles UNDER the gulf stream from the floridian aquifer.."

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      • If "Blue Hole" has fresh water in it, why don't they just lay a pipeline to it? Or is it protected coral reef?
        Like Tarpon Springs in Florida the coral formed limestone is obviously filtering the sea water by taking the salts out of it.

        Carlsbad Caverns is another classic example of that. The water in the cave is real sweet good water. But the surface water is bad alkali water,full of mineral salts like sea water.

        Seems like CWCO could do a small siesmic survey to map the cave the water comes out of at Blue Hole? Then tap it the cave with a shallow water well? Any well under 2500 ft is considered shallow.

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