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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes Feb 6, 2009 10:23 AM Flag

    stock down bc owners don't like mgmt stock options

    all those stock buybacks by K almost balances out the extra pay management is receiving
    the owners (shareholders) are not benefiting by the cash generated from this company and they have wised up
    no more big stock payments for a management that is just adequate
    until then this stock will represent a new lower valuation comparad to other companies where top managements has restrained themselves with huge exhorbitant executive pay packages

    K should pay all salaries in cash and cash only
    stock options DO NOT align management with owners
    all they do is make management say and do stupid things to get the price of the stock up so they can dump their options
    and usually management has the co pay top dollar to keep the price of the stock up while they are dumping their shares
    check it out for yourself
    look at stock buyback prices and look where management sells
    don't let management hoodwink you with the diversification explaination

    investing 101 class is over

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