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  • ormjds ormjds Oct 23, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    If the Price of Oil Goes Down

    That is a positive for ORIG

    It cost 1/2 to field oil from the sea rather than the land........the shares of ORIG should be skyrocketing

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    • That is about as stupid a post, as I ever read!! About all Saudi has to do is stick, straw in ground, and oil starts flowing!! Last yr, Saudi appropriated (Can't remember figure) Either $10B or $100B to invest in solar energy..Now I think that was like over 10 yrs? Don't know how all that worked out.. Point being!! They only recoup $6. per brl, (thier cost) from utility Cos.. I guess electricity is real cheap in Saudi?? Now that sounds stupid on surface. For someone with all that oil to invest in solar.. But where better, would solar work? Said they could be selling all that $6. oil for $100. Right now, price of oil, shouldn't be effecting Orig very much!! Got most rigs leased on multi yr contracts!! But last thing Orig wants to see, is oil, to keep falling? Within 3 yrs.. Orig could be in as bad a shape as Drys.. Three yrs ago.. Drys had all those bulkers leased at good rates.. Now operating at loses, and debt up to thier uh hue!! Looks like GE sending Orig down same road??? Just not the same way!! Orig has all these subsidiaries, set up, and adding more..Who can borrow money against Orig's stk?? And seems they can pay dididends?? Guess that is one way to hold onto earnings, and not shr, with stk holders of Orig?? If you think, I really know what GE is doing!! Don't kid yourself.. But I can read those press releases, where they mention preferred stks, and notes and those subsidiaries!! And I can sure read those Earnigs Reports!! That show Orig lost money TTM (Actually should have been great Yr)? No newbuilds arriving!!!! I think Drys is already a cooked goose! If oil drops much under $80.. Good chance Orig will follow?

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