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  • investormdpart2 investormdpart2 Dec 21, 2009 3:45 PM Flag

    Did anyone listen to C.C. @ 8:30AM today/

    Thanks for addressing these points and I think everyone was wondering why the partner was Lilly.

    I agree that Lilly likely provided the best deal and was least threatening. Pfizer is blazing the trail with their JAK so Lilly just bought into the game in a very big way. Also, we have a big competitive advantage over Pfizer's candidate in that ours doesn't have to be taken 2x daily.

    There are lots of groups with large sales/marketing organizations focused on RA and I suspect that Lilly will make a move to acquire or merge with one of these players if 28050 pans out. It could be a huge blockbuster and a program that Lilly can build around for many years. It sets the stage for Lilly to have a major chip in the massive RA game. Biogen/Idec market a biologic as you know but they would likely love to have a crack at using their sales force for this candidate if it gets to market. Lilly can cut a deal for a sales force with no problem when the time comes. It also sets the stage for Lilly to explore M&A deals with major RA players when the time comes. This for sure makes Lilly's pipeline much more attractive.
    It's a good deal for both groups and the value will build dramatically with time...especially if Lilly gets in bed with a group with an RA sales force.

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    • Tks 2 U and the poster just prior, Thank you for the Great Analasis. NORMALLY I don't give a ........ abt. ANALysts, they are just Ponds; in the Great Chess Game !

      The Institionals, Owning some 98 % of the INCY stock:

      MUST HV GIVEN shares to the SHORTS, or else, what happened yesterday, is *illigual* {Well F''uc k the Shorts, but I DO hope that Markapolous, SURVIVES....what the Mafia and Wall Str. hv in store.................

      I, as a foreigner, see how stupid ANY politician IS on OUR GLOBE........... Most are corrupted, and I hope that most will be charged. EOM

      FYG there is a TV Documentary on most Stations in Europe, abt. John Adams and the Story of the Great Efforts made since Washington as 1st President, had a dilemma, i.e. the FEDERAL vis the STATES .......

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