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  • darn_clear darn_clear Jan 6, 2010 2:42 PM Flag

    Won't be long B4 INCY Cash in on

    Additional payments from Novartis on the Trial III, now probably completed.

    Next, is a BILLION payment from Lilly, upon the latters registration of SPA with the European EUEA.

    Only nice things to come, so how are short going to cover, if not buying shares now, whilst still only in the 2 digits ?

    You tell me............

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    • doubt this get's to
      $100 any time soon, or this year

      • 2 Replies to saw1997a
      • The partnerships are not done. The psorisis asset is worth a fortune. Humira is crap. All psoriasis patents want an effective topical. This is another blockbuster program.

      • Nor do I, but I believe that we will leave the SINGLE DIGIT forever, and Climb from here.

        60 Mill from Novartis is Momentarily, whilst the 1 Billion from Elli Lilly will take a little more time, but, who says someone is not trying to Buyout ? ALL Pharmacytical Cos. knows now, when DNDN's Provenge will approved in a short while, that's the Only Way, now going to Rome.......

        We hv all seen the buyouts and mergers lately by desparate BP, who's been living on the Golden Branches, with their Molees in Place in the FDA. Well, sorry Mac, that's not HOW IT WORKS ANY MORE, so get off your sorry A$$''es and BUYOUT Cos with a good pipeline, which BP hv neglected, PURELY FOR PROFIT, they are not thinking of mankind, PERIOD !!

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