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  • viseslinger viseslinger Oct 9, 2012 4:49 PM Flag

    Maddi -- learn to count backwards

    the only cattle list you know of is the list of things to do as you walk with a shovel behind a cows tail. keep up the pr. Did you margin everything so that you can retire?

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    • I am trying my best to keep this discussion civil. Just a few catalysts.

      1. Start of P3 for 050
      2. Updates in early November of P2b results for 050
      3. 3rd quarter earnings report
      4. Approval by EU for reimbursement for Novartis (early next year)

      there are others but I will let you use the internet and your mother's computer to find them! Act with some class....if possible

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • 1 non event
        2 ok maybe something here, but more than likely not, as most already know the drug works
        3 do you not remember, last quarter and cc, if anything, it will be a bust, as sales have flattened out based on their own yearly estimates ,,,,sales in and sales through........
        4. no big deal with this they receive 40 million nothing more, their burn rate is currently 320million a year based on q1 results, sales start in europe and then they only get royalities, but hoe often?
        5. most analysts have incy at buy or out preform already with a mid 20 or 30 price target, so based on what you say then, what are they to do , say it is super duper buy????
        6 sales are such that 60 staff are only bringing in like 1 or 1.5 patients each per week......just do the math........a lot of money in wages going out for not many clients
        7 management is terrible govong cc's
        should i continue to dampen your #$%$ hype........i can give LOTS of what you called news items in the past that you said would move the stock and did nothing, have you forgotten????
        approval in canada
        approval in england
        baker brothers own 20%
        john mccamant likes incyte, but does he own it and how much?????
        do you want more??????

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