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  • maddison3 maddison3 Oct 10, 2012 7:14 PM Flag

    Do TJ and Viselinger

    Have any friends? These 2 are a textbook on what is wrong with people these days.... They act childish and love to rub it in your nose.... BWAH.....only shows your ignorance and childishness. Please try to keep this board at a respectable level. Making predictions is not causing anyone any distress, but acting like these 2.....well enough said... I can't wait til Jan/Feb when we are trading at $50... go ahead mark this post....if you guys know how!

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • i will be happy to park this post, no way it will happen. since when do we live in russia and we are not allowed the freedom of speech, why are you allowed to spew hype and dribble but those that understand the market and know when things have all turned pear shared in a stock not allowed to comment. i am not saying jakafi is a bad drug, or that it does not help some people. management is terrible as they have tried to manage wall street expectations to prevent an hgsi or dndn collaspe and in try NOT to let it happen, they caused it to happen. i am actually surprised more of management is not gone, but that will happen very soon, as the baker bros will not stand for it. markets go up, markets go down same with stocks........with no news coming and a bad q to report coming nov1 there is nothing of interest to bring any new buyers to this stock.........................................wake up maddi and be in the REAL world and not one that looks at things with blinders on

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