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  • viseslinger viseslinger Oct 11, 2012 10:55 PM Flag

    Maddi = Maddoff with your money

    She keeps spinning $50 by 1/1/13 in hope you will stick with it.... When in all actuality you become frustrated and sell here.... "Maddi off with ur money." She is actually short and is a paid pumper working out of a boiler room. Maddi will soon disclose "Jack-a-fee" will be free to poor & middle class under Obamacare. Get real. The pool of sales opportunity for Jack-A fee is draining fast.

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    • True enough, this one seems to be a big mistake.

    • I wish and hope that you would grow up.... Absolutely NOTHING you have in this post is true, but then you already knew that but continue to spread lies....It is amazing what people say when they have a computer. I bet if we ever met in person you would not have the same opinions! Have a great weekend and please don't look into any mirrors... Again I am sure you will not respond to this post with any logic

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      • How is it best to respond to viselinger? Sounds like german dry wine, or a german whining? Viselinger does raise a good point in that maybe you are in love with the stock and following your heart instead of your logic. The last few weeks the technicals have been screaming abonden ship! Why is management so quiet? At this rate LLY can buy INCY at a fire sale and only pay a small premium and still get it uner $20/share. I think that if Monday we go down again right out of the blocks I too will exit at $16.50. Enough is enough.

        Sentiment: Hold

      • Approaching the stop limit... apparently we are still counting backwards to get to $20... Maddi u have no clue on this stock. U just fell in love with it and it comes down to business. Sometime u need to separate ur hear from your brain.

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