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  • tjnelis tjnelis Oct 31, 2012 10:59 AM Flag

    looking to ba a down a dollar or more today

    the freight train rolls on and on and on, man if thye miss, it will be 12

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    • TJ, PLEASE give it a rest. Have you heard about Sandy? Many including myself, relatives and neighbors have had anywhere from a small to large damages to our homes. We DO NOT need you at this time to continually "rub our noses" in the share price. I am sure you will be back tomorrow. Fortunately, I will be busy cleaning up my home and those of my neighbors.

      If you live where there are damages from Sandy....get out and help.... Please, please, please for the next few days stop your continual downgrading.... You know isn't it good enough that you are making money shorting this stock....why do you need to degrade other peoples investment strategies... after all it is our money if we want to lose it that is our right.......

      I hope you get the message, but this post will probably just get you to post more often....

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I too am cleaning up from Sandy. Devistated by floods for which i will need to fight it out with Insurance companies only to get shafted and then try to regroup & rebuild. More debt due to rebuild and won't cover the replacement costs. Yes, unfortuantely I was right on stating INCY "pre-warned" last cc. that was their way of warning us. $20 sure is a long ways away. I suspect that the EPS will be poor and it goes to ~12 and that i will need a miracle for this stock ever get back to $20. People are strapped thin and now with sandy .... who gives a crap about JACK ALL Fees. After 11/1/2012 EPS report I will need incy to go up nearly 100% just to get back to even. Perhaps management could feel a little compasion for employees and shareholders and offer a paycut so that EPS would improve.

        Alternatively, I hope INCY has flood insurance and that they claim all $2B of finished goods (pills) were destroyed .......Maybe this will help there EPS

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