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  • viseslinger viseslinger Nov 1, 2012 12:01 AM Flag

    Should INCY claim damage goods from SANDY

    Do you think INCY will file a claim on any damaged goods (JACK-A-FEE pills)? Maybe they could claim $1-2B worth of damaged inventory and this will help with next Qtrs EPS? I think we are gonna need it.

    Can we ask that management reduce their pay since EPS is dropped so much

    Can we ask for business interruption insurance -- so that they can get some $$$

    Can we ask for management to return wages while not at work because of Sandy. No one pays my wages when I'm not a work. What is so special about this management team?

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    • [censor remark inappropriate for an investment forum]

      The cost of the pills is immaterial. My estimate as person experienced in organic synthesis is that the active ingredient costs [much] less than $1 a dose. QA, formulation and packaging might raise the cost of drug to $100 for a month's supply; not much higher.

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      • Apparently you know very little as a business owner.

        Do these workers (chemists, phd's) all work for free? You ammoritize their labor into the cost of goods. If the cost of goods were lost in the storm, they file a calim and are reimbused for loss of goods (material, labor incvluding profit).

        Maybe this is why u r trying to synthsize meth in ur basement. Keep dreaming that the pill cost only $1 and it other items don't matter either like legal bills. They all need to get paid whether or not the stuff washed away.

      • You're one of only a "few" here Jacosa that makes any sense here. Appreciate your commentary and insightful information.

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