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  • tjnelis tjnelis Nov 15, 2012 10:29 AM Flag


    longs are throwing in the towel, stock has been destroyed, management to blame

    stock will need capitulation to remove the funk it is in

    destoyed longs will post relentlessly that the stock will be bought out, trying to suck in new buyers

    no insiders are buying, IMHO, there will be sellers before year end

    too much stock owned by institutions, no retailer holders of the stock, and that will continue

    huge short interest

    stock will be lucky to be make a reasonable profit before 2014

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    • Value of assured Jakafi business: $17 a share. Value of quickly available Jakafi extensions: $3 a share. Value of Jakavi franchise: $2 a share. Value of bari franchise: $4 a share. Value of "public" pipeline: $2 a share. Value of "dark" pipeline: $1 a share. Gimme $1 a share on the cash account. Sum $30; selling for $16. How is this not capitualtion already?

      Yeah, they had a seriously awful CC, but for management effectiveness, remember the financing buildup before the push to market. Net-net, Friedman swiped the bankers' underwear (before people stopped talking about the horrible dilutive convert issue that made it all possible)

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