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  • tjnelis tjnelis Nov 28, 2012 9:39 AM Flag

    another presentation, another down day

    it does not matter how many times they spew the same information over and over again, it only leads to more selling ..........back to the trend of lower lows

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    • I listened to the presentation. One very obvious flaw, but generally good. I don't care HOW excited you are about having reconstructed the dynamics of the early high rate of discontinuation, you don't lead off a presentation with it. Sets the wrong tone. Best highlight was the way questions on '110 were handled. Sure, it wasn't a surprise to be asked, but there wasn't even an audible trace of frustration in the answer. If the comments about psoriasis and IBD weren't smoke screen, they show a little more about internal discussions than we had previously. And no matter HOW tortured the interpretation, as long as the statisticians go along with evidence of a survival benefit shown at 0.02 significance, it will carry some weight in the medical community. We need to see the full presentation on that, and we probably need to hear a debate or two on whether the conclusion is valid.

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      • appreciate your comments, i listened to the london presentation, seems like they playing with fire ( management trying to lead wall street) talking of those that , initially were on but left, and now are back on jakafi.....and making this the key issue, when thay need to be focusing more on new things like partnerships, or buying shares themselves as they seem to have so much to say, well put your money where your mouth coo, not willing to belly up to the bar and buy?

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