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  • umcc2012 umcc2012 Dec 12, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    Good news...

    Congrats to YMI, and their shareholders. I'm a little suprised that INCY shares have been hit so hard this morning, but I'm thrilled to be able to pick up a few more at these levels. Any kind of m & a in this sector is good news. Good luck to all longs!

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    • my sentiments exactly. One of these days the shorts are going to wake up and say..." Oh what happened"...... Until then they will continue to post about how smart they are...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Just getting back to you today, was busy all day yesterday. My sentiments are that Dr. Paul is living on his reputation. He is an old man and blew what was supposed to be our breakout year. Yes the CC was a disgrace, but what you can't hide are the disappointing numbers our sales staff have posted. We were mid 20's in June and waiting for Q2 CC and looking for $29. Analysts were right there and a reasonable buyout figure was in the low $40's. Because of the poor execution on all fronts we are now looking at a reasonable figure of $23 or so. That is a market cap loss of 50% or so.

        Lookiing ahead, he did go out and hire someone to right the ship, with credintials, so he realizes what we need, but it was his responsibility to put the right people in place from the get go. It is my feeling that what he has cost the company in market cap and what he has done slowing the growth of the company indicates to me that he should move on. You can run up and down the sidelines waving those pom poms all day long about 050 and future sales of JAK, but the news today is a huge blow to INCY and how the market values us, including our secret pipeline. It's not the shorts that worry me my friend, it's the old man at the top. He has cost the company a ton and taken the shine and glamour off INCY. My investment here was made on the approval last November of JAK and what we could expect. Now one year later we are not looking at a buyout anytime soon, JMHO, but a long ride until the new guy can put the spark back in the engine we had in June.

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