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  • mrdtino mrdtino Dec 12, 2012 12:37 PM Flag

    TJ be REAL Dude...

    You went into a hole when INCY was rising...Maddy called you out and you stayed in your hole. Now this shaking of the weak and here you are spouting off. Whether we are LONG or SHORT your appearance on this board is rather hilarious and somewhat contrived. Stay the course whether RED or GREEN or hit the road. At least Maddy is here whether up or down and doesn't laundry list posts trying to blast you. Maddy wants honest discussion about INCY and tried to look at the positives. If you and your crew want to just blast blast blast...have your boler room boys pay you for other boards.

    Appears the "smart" money is coming back in. Maddy may be wrong...but at least Maddy isn't a SHILL.

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    • You're worthless in your predictions. 20 by friday -- what fricken friday? I bought more JACKOFF INCY today as now my average is finally down to $16.82 -- basically where we closed today. But i am worried on the quantity of shares I own such that i will cause a drop when i need to sell. Most INCY trading sessions barely have 50,000 shares trade in15 min. hen I go to sell INCY will need to contact BB and see if they can mitigate the wild stock fluctuation

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Thanks TJ,

      As you can see he has no reply!!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • maddison, is nothing more than a paid pumper, and has been wrong all along, holy crap man wake up......look at what he said about a buyout today.......20s that surely wasn't his tune of even yesterday,,,,,,he even predicted 20by friday.......look he made fun of me when i talked about incyte having 12 cc's meeting at ASH, and i silpped and said when the abstracts come out.....and he said they already are ...well why would he pumping.... when all the data is available to the institutional investors already and the stock moves from 1720 to 18 big deal........maddi is worthless and making lots of money sucking in others with his hype?????he has been here since before 2q and has been spouting 30's or buyout ever since and what has the stock done in this time????
      why are there no insiders purchasing shares??????
      you are a clueless, spineless, wimp to follow anything maddi has to said and what has he ever stated that is worthy of good conversation on this board

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