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  • tjnelis tjnelis Feb 8, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

    sweetheart day feb 14th

    so will it be one for the longs or the shorts, just so maddi hears it again from me, i now believe that the yr end statement will be a NON EVENT for the stock, one only has to go back to my earning metrix layout and read ALL of my posts, will incy earn money YES, will it be enough to stop the bear raid in the stock ...I believe not, but i also believe the report will not make the stock go down either.......what is needed for the longs will be an annoucement of new drug going into phase 2 with a partner(jasoca), or incyte buying back retaining more rights to baricitinib

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    • Come on need to try harder......4th quarter is a HOMERUN and you know it!!!!

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      • maddi, you are nothing but a broken record, you show time and time again that you do not understand how the stock market works......i am long tired of trying to educate you not think for even a second that means i change my mind about things....hey anyone if they throw out enough GUESSES will be bound to get one right now and then, maddison.......though i do not believe that this one will be your time again either.

        You say that jasoca is one of the best posters on the MB, I tend to agree with you, but if you ask him, i believe he would tend to lean to what i am saying about yr end, so ask him.

        the stock market is very emotional, and when it goes the wrong direction 2q. it takes a long time for it to repair itself (incyte) jasoca has stated he thought it would take a year..........

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