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  • tjnelis tjnelis Feb 25, 2013 5:09 PM Flag

    is it too early to look at full year earnings(losses, in truth)

    well here goes, i will give incy all 225m in revenue of jakafi, though i believe it is too high......60m in milestone revenue both as they have mentioned.....that is 285m and (nvs) does 200m in sales( which is very generous) that gives possibly another 30m to 315......currently incyte spends 85m a since i was generous on revenue, i will be generous on spending, 90m a q that brings it to 360m minus rev of 315, loss of 45 million an same as in 2012.......this has NO new drugs approved in 2013........

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    • Yes, it's too early. In particular, some of the investigator-sponsored p2s should read out mid-year and any success there could generate immediate ruxo sales. To the other side, this is the year you'd expect rare adverse events to start turning up.

    • TJ, Well you did it again....changing the facts.... first 200 milion at 18$ is 36 million and my bet is with this higher revenue our take moves to 20%... The rest of your analysis is garbage as well... Please read the annual report.....this will tell you all you need to know.... now beat it dingleberry.... Oh forgot the analyst say an average of $373 million in revenue.....and they get paid to make their predictions...

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      • here you go maddi, i am wrong, when will you ever admit???? still got your god complex????, i forgot the possible contract revenue from lly. at 66m so i am then at 371M just off the average, and i also forgot the 40million interst expense, teach me to hurry, so 400m in SPENDING ...all the same ........another year of more losses as you are aware the avg mean is(-.35)...... forgot to mention that did you????????????? to be added to their accumulated losses of 1.7 BILLION....oh did you miss that line, and they refuse to cut spending , only increase it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • And why didn't this pig fly today -- after everybody had a chance to read the 10K?

    • TJ, u need to address it to Jacosta so that he responds and this then draws in Pinocchio (aka Maddi3sum) who will pump & dump with statements like this is the buy of the decade. INCY will be bought out by Friday -- yea which friday? Now buyout premiums are less than 10%.

      Good pull back today off the gain and into a closing loss. When is a pull back good? R u thinking of exiting ur longs and moving to all cash?

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