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  • nhanduyvo nhanduyvo Mar 4, 2013 3:26 PM Flag

    Question for Jacosa

    Do you have any concerns about insiders exercised their options and decided to sell them right away instead holding them. There is a guy on Ihub had a very negative about this. But other may see it as an opportunity for the executives to remove some of the risk of their holding--Given the sequestration and budget battles (and implied threat of a shutdown looming in the next 3 months), and the way the market reacted the last time around, when the Republicans threatened to shut down the government, it is par for the course.

    Please share with us your thoughts on this.


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    • I'm not really the one to ask. But it is the normal action for insiders to exercise options and sell. It doesn't need an explanation. It isn't a sign of anything (except some reprehensible accounting that is almost universally practiced). The sequester isn't a threat to the Jakafi business, nor to the bari for RA prospect. It may (through cutbacks at teaching hospitals) affect earlier stage trials, in particular the "investigator-sponsored phase 2s" on ruxo (I don't think I've ever mentioned it on this board--I learned elsewhere that the trademarked name of a drug should only be used when it is being discussed for on-label use). A developing recession would, of course, be a negative for the whole market, and as we have seen in Europe its timing coincidentally about a quarter after a reduction in government spending would not convince austerians that spending cuts were harmful. I expect any further attempt to use the debt ceiling for blackmail to receive very short shrift, probably through assertion of an over-riding 14th amendment obligation. That might even produce a market rally.

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