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  • breitfjm breitfjm Mar 28, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

    IDO inhibitor INCB024360 with yervoy are seeing great responses

    Got great news today! Had previously a 1 cm tumor in y arm, 4.3 cm nodule in my lower left abdomen and 1.9 cm nodual in my upper left abdomen. As well as 7 mm and 2mm spots in my brain.

    Found out today, both brain spots are gone, the arm tumor is gone, and both abdomen tumors are shrinking! best news I could have heard....

    I am currently in a clinical trial at the Angeles Clinic in Los Angeles...Ipi and experimental pill. pill doesn't have a name just an bunch of letters and numbers lol. Its a new trial as I believe I was only the 2nd patient enrolled. I believe the ful name of my trial is on my profile.

    Feeling very grateful today to say the least!


    This combination will become the standard of care for Melanoma!!

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    • it is very interesting given the following

      YERVOY™ (ipilimumab)

      then if one goes to

      and sees number 4 and 7 things get very interesting

      could be a truthful message, hope it is

    • Congratulations to you, Jeff John. Your fight against metastatic melanoma is well documented and Incyte's IDO inhibitor in combination with Yervoy(Ipilimumab)seems to be the right cocktail for you. This makes me feel very good indeed.

    • Great news for you! God Bless!

    • INCB024360

      Description of INCB024360: INCB024360 is an orally available hydroxyamidine and inhibitor of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO1), with potential immunomodulating and antineoplastic activities. INCB024360 targets and binds to IDO1, an enzyme responsible for the oxidation of tryptophan into kynurenine. By inhibiting IDO1 and decreasing kynurenine in tumor cells, INCB024360 increases and restores the proliferation and activation of various immune cells, including dendritic cells (DCs), NK cells, and T-lymphocytes, as well as interferon (IFN) production, and a reduction in tumor-associated regulatory T cells (Tregs). Activation of the immune system, which is suppressed in many cancers, may inhibit the growth of IDO1-expressing tumor cells. IDO1 is overexpressed by a variety of tumor cell types and DCs. Check for active clinical trials or closed clinical trials using this agent. (NCI Thesaurus)

    • Great for you. Hope it keeps getting better.

      But for us? One great result doesn't prove a drug will succeed. For that matter, google Doyle Brunson (poker player). Very, very rarely, melanoma just goes away. So we'll have to wait a while before we celebrate.

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