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  • tjnelis tjnelis May 1, 2013 3:53 PM Flag

    last year incyte closed at 22.99 on may 2

    well they need blow out earnings to close above this, the street says 68m in revenue and a LOSS of .195
    given the drubbing in the overall bio tech sector, looks like rotation out ofthe sector, so for 22.99 to be taken out by a report in my opinion , incyte will need to have a profit, or a big news release.......don't see it happening

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    • Gee thanks TJ for stating the obvious. I am on record on what I think happens with revenue tomorrow...See you next year!

    • There’s a lot of wild cards you are not taking into account besides 424/rux in MF. News on 110 or news on Pancreatic cancer is expected in the next couple of months. If they can show efficacy in PC, the sky is the limit. I’m sure if PC is efficacious they’ll already have an sNDA ready to go

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      • I'm pretty sure the plan on PC is to get a spectacular result, make sure every oncologist on Earth hears about it, and make a ton from off-label use while a p3 is going. That requires the result to be spectacular, not merely good, which is one hell of a gigantic 'if.' Realistically, we can hope for a result justifying a p3 either there or for '110. We might not get much of anything: the cMet inhibitor royalty can be taken as paying off the promise of news.

        I don't expect anyone to react much to the actual revenue unless it's under $64 MM or OVER $75 MM. It'll be a big deal if they can say that the PML case doesn't appear linked to ruxo (they'd need to be real sure that FDA wouldn't slam then for saying it). Incyte is mostly a quality-of-pipeline story, and a clean infection record makes a pipeline of JAK 1/2 inhibitors higher quality. As always, more light on the dark pipeline would perk up the shares. MOST companies comparable to Incyte talk about pipeline entries pretty much as soon as there's proof-of-concept.

      • however, the downward move before earnings does have me slightly worried, i'll admit that

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