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  • tjnelis tjnelis May 17, 2013 10:20 AM Flag

    maddi its friday, since your prediction incy is down nearly $2.00

    keep up the prediction hey bud, maybe 1 time in 50 you might be right

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    • The price is always fluctuating... who cares. Its the big moves we are waiting for...doubling, takeover, whatever.

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      • yes it is, but in the last year the dow is up 3000 points and incyte is up ZERO.

        your shares will be worth even less at the annual meeting as they will become more diluted

        There will not be a buyout even jasoca will agree with me. nvs has the rights to jakavi and there is not enough sales in the USA to warrant a buyout. Lilly has the rights to bari and since it is 2 years away yet before the drug hits the market same results, why would anyone else buy them out, tell me please. make me a believer.

        lastly incyte has 1.6BILLION in losses, the only one that benefits is themselves, in not having to pay taxes, they do not go to the buyout please ENLIGHTEN ME

    • TJ,

      First, I am not sure why I am responding to you since in my opinion you bring NOTHING to the MB, but I want to correct the record.

      I only stated that I would not be surprised to see high of year by end of this week. I believe we would have done that if it wasn't for the recent insider selling. Secondly the stock is only down about $1.50 not $2.00. YOu have a tendency to not always tell the truth.. If you say that by saying "I would not be surprised" means the same as predicting a stock price....well you have your opinion.

      I will predict that the next 6 months in this stock will make it very difficult for you to maintain your position at the boiler room.... Yes, this is a PREDICTION....

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      • please bring me up to speed as to what you bring to the MB, your posts are agreeing with someone else or making wild claims on where the stock is heading all short term and almost always wrong, you say short interest is up or down and that will change the price, you say it is down now on insider selling, you say it should go up because incyte is doing a presentation, you say it is going to the moon on the nvs 25 million payment,,,,all you say is garbage coming out of your mouth and it is a hope and a prayer by you that the stock goes know zero how the market or this stock works, just stop posting and I will

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