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  • beckyherbst_investorfan beckyherbst_investorfan Jun 3, 2013 5:50 PM Flag

    I Am Going To Ask Madi, Viselinger and TJ to Leave This Board

    This Board is a disgusting mess. Do you understand me? Good. It is inane that anyone that may want to visit this Board has to put up with the nonsense you 3 contribute on a near daily basis. Do you see how this is destroying the Board? We have someone like Jacosa, who probably has more knowledge and insight than anyone else that frequents this Board. However, I have a sneaking suspicion he doesn't contribute as much as he may otherwise; because you tools give him a headache. What is wrong with you do(p)es? Can't you find another 'playground' to take your nonsense. Madi, I must include you. While I realize you are a long and want good for INCY, I feel by responding you keep this circus going. Now listen to me, take your act somewhere else. I feel like I am entering the 'little yellow school bus' when I come to this Board. Instead of the 'regular' long yellow school bus I should be on.....

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    • Yeah, they give me a headache, but I want to be clear that a big reason for my posts being good is that I don't make them when I have nothing to say.

    • i will leave this MB when maddi does, and have openly stated so many timesand i have and will continue to post only under one handle, thanks for someone else admitting the truth about him/she or it

    • Beck, you are Correct, but but your Mature post will fall on deaf ears! I have the 3 Air-Heads on Ignore, as do many others! It is good hearing from posters like Jacosa, who have the knowledge of the industry, and share their thoughts with us!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • First, of all I try to remain positive but when you have TJ and Vaseline it is difficult. Why don't you try to get insulted and told that I say things I don't. Secondly, did you vote for Hitler? You do not own this board. If you don't like what is said then either don't read it or go to another MB. On a positive, I will try in the future to not respond to TJ or Vaseline or any of their aliases since I would also like to have a positive MB.

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