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  • tjnelis tjnelis Jun 26, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    nice article in the pharma press today

    on bari, think they might be off by 2 years though on the approval of it

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    • Here's the key sentence: "GlobalData expects baricitinib to gain approval in the USA by 2017, which would make it the next JAK inhibitor for RA on the market since Xeljanz was approved in the USA in November 2012."

      Note the "by."

      Lilly's menu of registration studies is fairly complex, but my impression is that they ought to be ready for submission generally around EoY 2014/15. That would support approval 1n 2015 or early '16. But any sort of setback could cause enough delay to make "by 2017" the safe characterization.

      Incyte has been doing its marketing homework making sure professional literature distinguishes the different specificities of JAK inhibitors. I haven't seen marketing to that effect from Lilly (we Incyte people have trouble seeing how minor "just one potential blockbuster drug" is to a pharma giant). We are passing from the phase in which "Hey, a JAK inhibitor drug is helping RA patients" is a good message to be repeated to a phase in which the key phrase is "A mixed JAK 1/2 inhibitor is not expected to have the same drawbacks as a JAK 3 inhibitor"

    • TJ, Can't find article but will take your word for it.... Don't think all the rise today is from article however. Maybe the lowered short interest, maybe end of quarter....I frankly don't care why we are up.....just glad we are!

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