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  • mcguireryan38 mcguireryan38 Sep 11, 2013 9:10 AM Flag

    morgan stanley

    should be interesting to see what info is released...

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    • Only thing I could understand was strong potential but more tests are needed before commercialization. Also, would Europe be tougher? I thought it would be easier. Clarification anyone.

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      • For a company with 1 marketed product, /intermune has an awful lot of moving parts. And a bunch of them were touched on. Start with Jakafi (the name means Ruxolitinib used on-label, that is for myelofibrosis, and in the US). Jakavi is the same in Europe (roll-outs in Europe happen slowly because of national and even finer-grained regulatory differences). Then there's Ruxo off-label for polycythemia vera (off-label but soon to be brought on) and Ruxo off-label for solid tumors (probably already happening, but far from coming on label). Physicians may use a marketed drug pretty much as they please.

        Not-yet-marketed are Baricitinib, "The emerging pipeline" (mostly JAK inhibitors with mixes of specificities different from marketed ones) and the 2 anti-cancer candidates (IDO and cMet inhibitors).n hour is bound to be confusing.

        Having all those stories touched on in half a

    • Nice way of handling it. No introduction, jump to Q&A. Nice to see the neutropenia/margination issue reopened, because that had the potential to be a killer and it seems to be coming down all pro-Jakafi in practice. All the hinting around the magic subset has me thinking that it might be something non-obvious to outsiders. Also, much hinting about early stage testing in a lot of possible solid tumor indications. There was some hinting about a possible instance of what I call the staging paradox (but is more often called The Will Rogers Phenomenon) in the PaCa data (this usually reduces the impact of a result, but in this instance it was a suggestion that even though casual analysis suggested that only the magic subset was helped by Ruxo, the detailed analysis is at least leaving the question open). The message that emerging-from-pipeline candidates are unencumbered was emphasized heavily. There was some braggadocio about the financial strength of Incyte (we could do anything independently....well except for a heart drug...) that frankly sounded delusional.

    • As I jumped the gun and said last week, this one ought to be fun. These conference presentations are usually G-rated peep shows.

    • Agreed....Looking forward to it. Wonder how Morgan Stanley's analyst will feel when/if more good news is released or garnered. That sell rating may change. :)

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