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    GERN's Results Doom INCY? It Is Possible... Now What Will You INCY Holders Do?

    " Overall response rate was 44%. This included five (28%) patients who met the BM and peripheral blood morphologic criteria for CR (n=4) or PR (n=1) and 3 patients with clinical improvement, pending validation of response duration and resolution of drug-induced grade-1 thrombocytopenia. The four (22%) CR patients experienced reversal of BM fibrosis and recovery of normal megakaryocyte morphology. Two CR patients were transfusion-dependent at baseline and became transfusion-independent. Complete molecular responses were documented in 2 CR patients: one had U2AF1Q157P and 10% JAK2V617F and the other SF3B1K666E and 50% JAK2V617F. A third CR patient had a 50% reduction in U2AF1 469_insAGTATG mutation. Among 13 patients with leukocytosis, 10 (77%) normalized their count or had 50% reduction. Eleven (61%) patients had complete or partial resolution of leukoerythroblastosis.

    iii) Laboratory correlative studies

    Three (50%) of 6 spliceosome-mutated vs. 1 (8%) of 12 unmutated (p=0.045) achieved CR. Spliceosome-mutated patients were also more likely to experience grade-3/4 myelosuppression (67% vs. 25% ; p=0.09). Treatment was associated with suppression of telomerase activity, shortening of telomere length and alteration of hTERT isoform pattern.

    Conclusions: The current study signifies the potential value of telomerase-based treatment strategies in MF and identifies imetelstat as an active drug in that regard. The observed morphologic and molecular remissions confirm selective anti-clonal activity, which has thus far eluded other drugs in MF, including JAK inhibitors. The association between response and spliceosome mutations suggests a broader application for the drug in myeloid malignancies.

    There was buzz surrounding imetelstat going into Thursday's abstract release because the drug may have legitimate disease-modifying potential in bone marrow cancers like myelofibrosis. "

    Incyte's (INCY_) Jakafi is approved to treat myelofibrosis

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